Mark Hudson

Green Rush Technical Engineer - web development - graphic design - collective management

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About Me

Hello, My name is Merk, and I am looking for business partners in the Green Rush. I am the former manager of CALI MEDICAL COLLECTIVE in San Bernardino, Ca..
I was at CMC for 2 years before the city finally won (our attorney could not keep our landlord from getting terrorized). I learned a lot during my time running shop on that side of town, from the tricks trying to get in with no recs, to buying and understanding the logistics involved in running a collective. Previous to my college days and green rush, I was the quality manager for International E-Z Up here in Riverside, and it gave me some idea of the protocols involved in both client and vendor relations.

I am also pretty good at jobs like trimming and sweeping floors! If you are looking for someone with a solid set of skills and experience to train up to your specifications while being light on the overhead (I am inexpensive, not cheap), I am offering you my services and I live in Riverside (near the Van Buren Drive-In). Any collective employing me gets to use my systems for free, of course, if they choose.

Availability: any time



Cali Medical Collective:

I was a BUD-TENDER at Cali Natural Collective in Hollywood, CA
2015 soCal high times cannabis cup placer
We took 3rd place indica flower , PARIS OG

I am #SmokeLikeMerk on facebook and instagram

I also use OSclass scripts here:
Cannabis Craigslist


Cali Medical Collective- iCannVerify - San Bernardino, CA

Clinic General Manager & Web Engineer

Ensure medical clinic runs well, no stumbling, by-the-book, no jokers, no mistakes. Buyer/planner Super critical environment with high danger risk. Expert in the area of Medical Cannabis. Keep all code up-to-date and solve issues quick (Medical Environment)

Hudson Tech'N'Tutor

Math Instruction and Computer Repair

High School Math Home-Schooling instructor (algebra, geometry, algebera2, trigonometry), Private School math instructor for local schools, and supplemental math instruction in the SBUSD. I also worked contract jobs for Dell, HP, Vizio, and Samsung.

Digiscribe Corp. - Orange County, Ca

Software Engineer and Public Relations

Designed and implemented user interface software for legacy system. Contract new medical doctors and service established client nurses and doctors (approximately 30 doctors and 4 nurses) .

International E-Z UP, Inc. - Riverside, CA

QC Manager

Ensured all incoming material was inspected, as well as all outgoing. Communicated engineering needs to vendors and solved problems in the manufacturing of steel and Nylon. Managed team of up to 4 techs, each of which was in charge of a team of workers.


California State University at San Bernardino

Fall 1998 - Winter 2003

Bachelor of Natural Science in Computer Science

230+ college credits
Activities and Societies:
Saxophone player for local ska-punk band Friends of the Friendless


iCali - medical cannabis patient REC database

Verify_returns_initials The collective worker enters the first name and rec number of the patient in order to verify that the patient can legally possess Cannabis in California.

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Cali Medical Collective

Collective in San Bernardino, Ca. I was the manager for 3 years. Our farm next to the collective had 200 plants

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Database for medical doctors to populate using their cannabis patients' information. When the patient takes their Rec to a collective, the receptionist uses the iCannVerify webpage to enter the required information. This information is queried and the result will inform the receptionist of the patient's status to own medicinal cannabis.

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My Blog, news, and distribution hub. All of my systems start here.

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