Merk’s Cover Letter

Hello, I saw your ad for Med Men, and I would like to offer my services.

I have been a professional in the Green RUSH for about 5 years now. 15 years in Web Development and 20 years using image manipulation software. I have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and write apps for the green rush.

I primarily use Linux on Apache server and create with Gimp, Inkscape, php, html, mysql, css, Blender, and javascript. I have taught classes in Photoshop and Web design, as well as mathematics.

For three years, I managed Cali Medical Collective in San Bernardino, while spending my Sundays at our sister collective Cali Natural Collective in Hollywood, CA.

It was at Cali Natural Collective that we took 3rd place at the 2015 soCal High Times Cannabis Cup with our flower Paris OG, and our farmer Dr.K..

cannabis corner KCAA news Radio

I have been focusing on vector images as a graphical arts medium, so I tend to focus on logos and graphics for silk-screening, cnc-embroidery, etc. Most work shown are hand drawn, using the pen tool to create paths for vector images. I also import 2d vectors into 3d software in order to create models for 3D printing.

Molecular Majick is my extraction laboratory.

I was a co-host on Cannabis Corner, a show on KCAA am1050 NBC news Radio, and am involvrd in San Bernardino cannabis politics.

Please advise with further information.

Thank you, Merk Hudson

My [dated] LinkedIn profile:

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