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Hello, I recycled the hell out of my TOP 5 SATIVAS post, and this is the punishment I will put myself through for you stoners! Why would this post bring me grief? Well,because I do not dig indica very much. Read more…

Hello, and welcome to Merk’s list of flowers. Since sativa is my favorite species of Cannabis, I am going to start out today with this list: These are the top 5 sativa and sativa dominant hybrids that have knocked my Read more…

smoke like merk has stuff and things that you can , like, look at and do, or something…

They call me Merk because I’m the best dancer at St. Bernadettes

Merk hudson writes this crap.. friend him! MERK’S FB PAGE LINK!!

Do you like Blue Dream? Here is a nice bowl!

Sour Tangie is a great strain that gives you lots of energy and is awesome for pain relief!

We’ll stay up late making mixtapes Photoshopping pictures of ourselves While we masturbate to these pixelated videos Of strangers fucking themselves We are very busy people

No go live .. farmers and other companies… better call Carl Collective… P3T3R gr1ff1n…. weedmaps and the rating system BETTER CALL CARL MENU: var wmenu_id = 14185; var wmenu_type = ‘deliveries’;



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